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P R I V A T E   W E A L T H

Wealth is more than money.
It's freedom to live your life without financial limitations

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BCM helps individuals, families, and organizations manage, grow, and protect their wealth.

Why BCM?

R E L I A B L E   E X P E R T I S E

We have decades of wealth management expertise you can rely on. Our depth of professional practice and caliber of credentials place invaluable knowledge, experience, and confidence on your side of the table. 

E X C E P T I O N A L   S E R V I C E

We provide the exceptional service of an exclusive boutique. Our dedicated professionals provide undivided personal attention to meet the intricate needs and goals of each client. 

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Our Process

We believe financial decisions should be based on circumstances and objectives, not speculation about what markets may or may not do. We use a disciplined process that focuses on your needs and goals to develop customized strategies for achieving them.



Services & Fees

 F E E  -  O N L Y

We believe properly structured compensation is the best way to align client-advisor interests. We operate strictly on a fee-only, fiduciary basis and do not receive any hidden or third-party compensation. This transparency eliminates conflicts of interest and ensures our allegiance to clients.

W E A L T H   M A N A G E M E N T

Full-service wealth management includes comprehensive financial planning and ongoing discretionary portfolio management. The service is provided for an annual fee of 0.89% per year (or less) with assets under management of $1,000,000 or greater. 

F I N A N C I A L   C O N S U L T I N G

Financial consulting is for one-time or intermittent advisory services such as financial planning and analysis, investment research and recommendations, financial education, and speaking engagements. The service is provided for $350 (USD) per hour, with a 5-hour minimum.  

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C O N T A C T   B C M

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Investment advisory services are provided by Bellwether Capital Management LLC, a registered investment adviser.


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